Saturday, May 17, 2014

Working on a new kit!

I am working on a new kit for all of you  for spring-I'm calling it Papilionidae. Papilionidae is a family of over 500 species of butterfly also called swallowtails whether they have tails or not. I have colored them all blue and violet in this kit. Here is an example of what I have made with it. It should be ready for next week!

 I have applied a dream like filter to this photo with Photoshop. This isn't hard to do if you want to just duplicate your photo and choose hard light for its blending option then add gaussian blur to it until it reaches it's awesome point. If the color is too saturated you can choose to desaturate the top photo. Also, you can burn or dodge in details if you like once you have merged the two layers of the photo. Tada! Have a great weekend!

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