Sunday, April 27, 2014

Growing Pains

Today, I went out to the garden to find way too many plants to thin out. Oh, brother what hard work-lol. This will teach me to have spent the last 7 years of my life in front of a computer screen digital scrapbooking -oh my aching rear!-I mean back........sure. I am loving it tho-

So, I have some pictures to share-some design layouts to brag about and of course a gifty for all my scrap-land friends. First some photos of one of my favorite roses, they are just so big and beautiful,
 and here is another new rose we purchased this year called Twilight zone. It gets darker and darker until it dies almost black. Very pretty though-I'm just so excited :)

Here is another:
He isn't super big since he is just a baby but still very sweet-and If there are roses- there are kitties near by enjoying them-
This one is Baby but I took the picture last year-today when I was out snapping photos Baby was not here so I guess she was hunting. I thought it was a lovely picture tho and I can show off one of  my Awaken clusters; which I will give away in the soon future, as well.

SO, patient .... you want your gift right-lol. OK! here is the first of four Quick Pages using Awaken. It is an oldie but a goody and then I will just have to share the entire kit with you, too, after a while. Gardening takes up so much time you see-at least right now. :)

Here are the four pages preview-


  1. Thanks for the lovely quickpage. And your roses are beautiful!