Friday, April 25, 2014

Fedder Friends Quickie

I'm not so sure if Ms. Kitty is a friend to the backyard birds seeing loads of brown and red feathers on the ground every once in a while. I moved the feeders out of the trees and put them on high shepherds' hooks to try and cut down on the fatalities-lol! I couldn't resist slipping her photo behind this cute quickie though. You can download your free 12 x 12 png here!
PS: What would be a good title or wording for this one? I am just stuck on her face and will prob just put her name and date unless someone helps me out!

pls forgive my super bad spelling-oops!

Here is the link for the embellishments- now you have the whole enchilada! 


  1. Lorene, this is a super kit, love it. Renamed all the files though so I wouldn't forget where it came from. Added LDD_FF_ before each name. I use a program KenRenamer, which is simple and quick in case you are interested. Thanks so much for the kit. Your cat's face looks contented and that is probably what I would have called the page if I was making it. Hugs

  2. Thanks for the lovely quickpage! I would either call your page YUM! or Dreaming of Dinner. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks! I wondered if that would bother anyone it's still in the "My Memories" format-lol, So, I will rename stuff if I put it back up :)