Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Fire 2013

I spent the night creating away. I started with papers and got out of control. My idea of giving away the kit in parts went totally out the window when I thought about how I can't stand that! I myself, will not go download a daily download. Hate them! So, here is the kit altogether. :)

But first, I have to bore you with my creative process. I looked over my photo inspiration for a while and then thought about what I like. What would look good around photos. I'm not big with lots of different graphics because I think that elements should enhance and bring out the photos -bring attention to the main thing which should be your photos and memories not so much the artwork.

I like a few frames and tags, some ribbons and flowers. Mostly, I wanted some nice backgrounds. I got carried away with one pattern in particular and had to delete a few of those. All and all I am happy with this new addition to the original kit-make sure you have all three because the backgrounds on the first are still beautiful as ever!

I made a cluster tag in 3 different variants because I couldn't decide which would be the most useful. For this kit I used some CU items, but I also used some of my own CU items that I sell. I like to mix it up because I think using other people's stuff is fun and adds variety. I don't see it as a weakness or anything.

OK, enough. Here are the previews I had made for the downloads.

Get the elements here and the backgrounds here and here.
There are 2 separate downloads for the backgrounds.


  1. gorgeous kit! thanks!!! sherri

  2. "SFH" What does it mean?
    PU CU or CU4CU?
    I am a novice
    Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks!

    SFH means Scrap-for-hire which mean you can make pages with other peoples photographs for them for free or for profit. No quick pages tho must be flattened finished printable work. Hope this helps!

    1. I'm sorry, very busy lately, thank you very much for your kind reply.

  4. Love the bold colors!! thank you so much!!