Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Kit Alert :)

I was searching thru my scrapbook my head. I remember making a kit a few years ago called Summer Fire(2008). It had beautiful vibrant colors mixed with black like a late sunset. You know the ones right before the sun completely retires for the evening. Reminds you of your eyes closing at your very first romantic kiss.

OK, so I'm thinking a few things to myself here. First, I haven't given a kit away in a while, where the pieces are given out as they are made- a few every day or so. I haven't  shared my design process or helped anyone to understand my creative flow. These are the "art" things that go through a designers head, how did I make that? Why did I add this? and I thought.........

Does anybody really care as long as they get the free kit?

Well, I'm going to share with you on a deeper level as I revisit these colors and theme. I hope you enjoy this journey I am about to take you on. SO to is an old preview of the kit...I was thinking about.

OK! Nice colors right? Here is the swatch:

Now I have a theme: sunset romance...and some colors. The first thing I want to do now is make sure all of you have this old kit and you can see some of the things that were made with it. However, as with all designers, I have matured through my designing process just a bit since this older kit release. I am going to make sure the pieces are up to my new standards.  Which means,  some elements or papers just won't make the cut. How do I do this?

Well, I made a quality action a few months back and basically, I'm going to run it on each element to see it. It  will show me stray pixels and pixelation so I can toss the design or fix it. Because I am mostly interested in starting a new kit, I will toss out the stuff that doesn't pass and give all of you a download link for the stuff that does. Also, I will visually inspect the design pieces for not only quality but for its overall composition. In other words, lol, do I still love it or does it stink. Over time everyone's idea of what looks awesome changes.

So, off to do this, be back with a download link when I am done and then.......we will start the new kit together!

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