Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Kit Alert :)-Part 2

Most of the pieces survived my actions and I do like them. There aren't very many pieces tho-how did I stretch those to a month long free kit? WOW!

9 backgrounds and 26 elements
Download embellies
Download backgrounds

I repackaged these because there were a couple of items I just didn't like. I noticed a nice green that is not on my swatch-but its pretty so we're going to keep it. Also, Apparently my mind isn't as good as I thought because I have done an add-on to this kit in 2010-I totally forgot about it're going to just have to get that one, too.

How can you possibly journey through with me on this if you don't have all the piece-yeah?
Here is what got left out....

It was the shadowing for the clusters. I didn't like and the one flower -I just didn't LOVE them; it has, too much hard repetition for me. So, you didn't get these in your download. I also, altered with the warp tool my flower made from beads- you get one, not the cluster and I sized down the beaded dragonfly.

Besides the colors and theme, I love the tiny flowers-those are my favorites they were CU by Wendy Page and the sunflowers are from Monica Larson-these, too are sweet. I am not loving the bows in this kit as much as I once did. So, when I do the new an improved version- I will have to have new bows. So what do you think of our journey through crazy design lady head so far? Here are some layouts from back when........

I think my layout design style has change from then, too. What about you, has your style changed a lot from a few years ago?

I am waiting for my husband to come home from work. This means I have more time to work on this project, so back to my software I go. I will get the other kit ready for you before I begin on this years "new" kit. HUGS!


  1. Totally gorgeous!! Love the vibrant colors! Thank you!

  2. merci pour ce free kit ; une page pour vous ici :