Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Kit Alert :)-Part 4

If you're still with me you must be a very interesting person. An average person would just download the freebies and move on. You are divine.


So, I'm back from my trip to morgue file and this is what I found. I normally don't make a collage for each kit I make. I do the look see; an occasional download but this is so you can see what I found and maybe be inspired, too.

Apparently, flowers stand for romance because there were mostly flowers -lol great I love flowers.

There was also a picture of a guy that had a nose like a toucan, and he was with a gal..... so even ugly people like me have a chance for summer romance. This is nice to know. :)

You can find all these by going to and putting romance in the search under free photos. I have some free picts there, too if you want to look.

Now, my homework is finished for today, after dinner if nothing is going on I might slip back over to the computer and begin some papers. For now, I want to mull over these photos and get in the mood for a "lovely" new kit :)

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