Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cherish Preview Book and Free Gift

I am giving my blog readers a chance to get the gift for this kit right now, before its even out in stores! I hope you like it!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Fire 2013

I spent the night creating away. I started with papers and got out of control. My idea of giving away the kit in parts went totally out the window when I thought about how I can't stand that! I myself, will not go download a daily download. Hate them! So, here is the kit altogether. :)

But first, I have to bore you with my creative process. I looked over my photo inspiration for a while and then thought about what I like. What would look good around photos. I'm not big with lots of different graphics because I think that elements should enhance and bring out the photos -bring attention to the main thing which should be your photos and memories not so much the artwork.

I like a few frames and tags, some ribbons and flowers. Mostly, I wanted some nice backgrounds. I got carried away with one pattern in particular and had to delete a few of those. All and all I am happy with this new addition to the original kit-make sure you have all three because the backgrounds on the first are still beautiful as ever!

I made a cluster tag in 3 different variants because I couldn't decide which would be the most useful. For this kit I used some CU items, but I also used some of my own CU items that I sell. I like to mix it up because I think using other people's stuff is fun and adds variety. I don't see it as a weakness or anything.

OK, enough. Here are the previews I had made for the downloads.

Get the elements here and the backgrounds here and here.
There are 2 separate downloads for the backgrounds.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Kit Alert :)-Part 4

If you're still with me you must be a very interesting person. An average person would just download the freebies and move on. You are divine.


So, I'm back from my trip to morgue file and this is what I found. I normally don't make a collage for each kit I make. I do the look see; an occasional download but this is so you can see what I found and maybe be inspired, too.

Apparently, flowers stand for romance because there were mostly flowers -lol great I love flowers.

There was also a picture of a guy that had a nose like a toucan, and he was with a gal..... so even ugly people like me have a chance for summer romance. This is nice to know. :)

You can find all these by going to morguefile.com and putting romance in the search under free photos. I have some free picts there, too if you want to look.

Now, my homework is finished for today, after dinner if nothing is going on I might slip back over to the computer and begin some papers. For now, I want to mull over these photos and get in the mood for a "lovely" new kit :)

Free Kit Alert :)-Part 3

This didn't take long right? Here is the 2010 add-on. I hope you like it, too.
I am going to take a little trip to morgue file for some pictorial inspiration-will share when I am through -promise :)

It may take a day or two or I may finish tonight. Dono- and I am doing this all without my CT! Yikes!

Here is the preview and download links- you're welcome!
download embellis
download backgrounds

Free Kit Alert :)-Part 2

Most of the pieces survived my actions and I do like them. There aren't very many pieces tho-how did I stretch those to a month long free kit? WOW!

9 backgrounds and 26 elements
Download embellies
Download backgrounds

I repackaged these because there were a couple of items I just didn't like. I noticed a nice green that is not on my swatch-but its pretty so we're going to keep it. Also, Apparently my mind isn't as good as I thought because I have done an add-on to this kit in 2010-I totally forgot about it so.....................................you're going to just have to get that one, too.

How can you possibly journey through with me on this if you don't have all the piece-yeah?
Here is what got left out....

It was the shadowing for the clusters. I didn't like and the one flower -I just didn't LOVE them; it has, too much hard repetition for me. So, you didn't get these in your download. I also, altered with the warp tool my flower made from beads- you get one, not the cluster and I sized down the beaded dragonfly.

Besides the colors and theme, I love the tiny flowers-those are my favorites they were CU by Wendy Page and the sunflowers are from Monica Larson-these, too are sweet. I am not loving the bows in this kit as much as I once did. So, when I do the new an improved version- I will have to have new bows. So what do you think of our journey through crazy design lady head so far? Here are some layouts from back when........

I think my layout design style has change from then, too. What about you, has your style changed a lot from a few years ago?

I am waiting for my husband to come home from work. This means I have more time to work on this project, so back to my software I go. I will get the other kit ready for you before I begin on this years "new" kit. HUGS!

Free Kit Alert :)

I was searching thru my scrapbook stash....in my head. I remember making a kit a few years ago called Summer Fire(2008). It had beautiful vibrant colors mixed with black like a late sunset. You know the ones right before the sun completely retires for the evening. Reminds you of your eyes closing at your very first romantic kiss.

OK, so I'm thinking a few things to myself here. First, I haven't given a kit away in a while, where the pieces are given out as they are made- a few every day or so. I haven't  shared my design process or helped anyone to understand my creative flow. These are the "art" things that go through a designers head, how did I make that? Why did I add this? and I thought.........

Does anybody really care as long as they get the free kit?

Well, I'm going to share with you on a deeper level as I revisit these colors and theme. I hope you enjoy this journey I am about to take you on. SO to begin...here is an old preview of the kit...I was thinking about.

OK! Nice colors right? Here is the swatch:

Now I have a theme: sunset romance...and some colors. The first thing I want to do now is make sure all of you have this old kit and you can see some of the things that were made with it. However, as with all designers, I have matured through my designing process just a bit since this older kit release. I am going to make sure the pieces are up to my new standards.  Which means,  some elements or papers just won't make the cut. How do I do this?

Well, I made a quality action a few months back and basically, I'm going to run it on each element to see it. It  will show me stray pixels and pixelation so I can toss the design or fix it. Because I am mostly interested in starting a new kit, I will toss out the stuff that doesn't pass and give all of you a download link for the stuff that does. Also, I will visually inspect the design pieces for not only quality but for its overall composition. In other words, lol, do I still love it or does it stink. Over time everyone's idea of what looks awesome changes.

So, off to do this, be back with a download link when I am done and then.......we will start the new kit together!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MyMemories v4 TopTen Reviews 2013 Gold Award Winner!

MyMemories v4 TopTen Reviews
2013 Gold Award Winner!

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Monday, April 1, 2013