Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Zen-Floral Journal

I found an old scrapbook album in my crafty stash a few months ago- its so soft an velvety! So I thought why not fill it full of something that makes me feel good- I started doodling on the pages keeping in mind of course the pretty cover- florals. well, looking at it today I thought I would scan some and color them or at least shade them in- but I decided to leave the originals alone . I thought it went well with the cover here is what I mean...
Isn't it pretty? and soooo velvety I wish all of you could cyber - touch anyway I am sharing my pages for anyone who likes to color-meditate. You can snag them one by one - but blogger tends to size stuff down I think so I have included a download link at the bottom for all the pages- I hope you have fun!

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